D-Star en HF Net

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D-Star en HF Net

Mensaje por M0IEI/EA1CRF » 23 Oct 2016 01:26

Copio aquí lo que dicen en yahoo groups para los que no están suscritos

International DSTAR HF Testing Net – SUMMER Schedule –

Use your ICOM 9100/7100, or STAR Boarded non ICOM DSTAR HF, or the FLEX 6000 series radios with software 1.5 or better and the ThumbDV.
Here is some video of DSTAR HF Voice simplex on a 7100

We routinely have two way communications coast to coast and North to South, South to Canada, Europe and Australia. We have had two way contacts to Japan. And have been heard in South Africa and Bulgaria.

We are on each band only for 5 min. or so as to spend less time, if the band is dead we move on earlier. You can go back to a good freq after the net. MONITOR REF030C to coordinate. WE may need to move early or if the freq is busy. We do not want to step on any AM or SSB activity.
We also use a web page to keep track of who and where we are at -     http://hf.dstar-relay.net/
You also can check-in to this web site anytime 24/7 to find a DSTAR HF Ham to talk to.

We have a PRENET for 30 min. before the start of the scheduled time. This PRENET is for ‘FREE FORM” contacts. One should check the web site  http://hf.dstar-relay.net/  sign in and find a working freq to work on. When the net starts at the scheduled time, please join the net and follow the freqs.


Sat PM 7:00 E (2300Z)

Sunday AM 10:00 E (1400Z Sunday)(Spend more time on each open band, and start on 80m)
Sunday PM 7:00 E (2300Z)
Check USB/LSB on freq to make sure the freq is clear.
SUNDAY AM, we start with 80m and work towards 6 meters.
6 mtrs 50.210 DV for 2 mins NEW FREQ.

10 mtrs 28.570 DV for 5 mins NEW FREQ.

12 mtrs 24.938 DV for 5 mins

15 mtrs 21.380 DV for 5 mins

17 mtrs 18.148 DV for 5 mins

20 mtrs 14.335 DV for 5 mins NEW FREQ.

40 mtrs 7.285(or another open freq) DV for 5 mins
75 mtrs 3.880 DV for 5 mins.
NCS will check the freq ahead of time to make sure we don’t step on anyone 3KC up and DOWN.
 "Digital voice is defined in the Commission’s rules based on content as voice (i.e. phone), not data, per Section 97.3(c)(5) of the Rules." Check out the most recent comments by the ARRL:  http://apps.fcc.gov/ecfs/document/view?id=7521063715

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Re: D-Star en HF Net

Mensaje por EA4GPZ » 23 Oct 2016 10:23

Observar que este tipo de cosas son para la región 2 (no sé cómo estará el tema de planes de banda allí), pero en la región 1 esto no se adecua muy bien a los planes de banda:


El ancho de banda máximo en todas las bandas HF menos 10m es de 2.7kHz. Una señal D-STAR son 6.25kHz. Se hace una excepción en los planes de banda para permitir el uso de AM, pero una señal AM no tiene porqué ocupar más de 5kHz.

En España además hay una limitación a 6kHz de ancho de banda (-6dB) para las bandas de 80m a 12m y 3kHz de ancho de banda (-6dB) para la banda de 160m: http://www.ure.es/principal/legislacion ... uipos.html

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Re: D-Star en HF Net

Mensaje por M0IEI/EA1CRF » 07 Nov 2016 20:23

He estado repasando todo y tienes toda la razón. No se puede usar en HF. La coña es que tampoco se puede usar en la región 2 ni en la 3 :shock:

73 de Pedro.